Friday, October 31, 2008

On Second Thought...

Perhaps, just maybe, I will create a private blog; one to which only people I like can read and leave comments. Because the blog is, truthfully, a really great way to stay in touch with my family and friends.

I just really don't like opening up my computer and receiving nasty anti-Mormon comments or aggressive belittling by radical feminists. For a while I was telling myself that I was being a baby for letting those things get to me, and that everyone was entitled to their own opinion and that I was a weakling if I allowed those types of things to bother me.

Someone once wrote (I think it was The Yarn Harlot) that a blog is like stepping into someone's living room--if you wouldn't say it in that person's living room with them standing there, then it's inappropriate to leave it as a comment on their blog. I like that thought.

So perhaps a private blog is on the horizon. I will make the decision sometime in November.