Friday, July 18, 2008

The Summer Activity Bag

We're having a hard time keeping ourselves occupied throughout the long, hot days of summer. So we made an Activity Bag with suggestions of things to do on slips of paper. When we find ourselves feeling a little bored, we pick out a paper and then do whatever activity it suggests (as long as it's possible given the weather, time of day, etc.) I just use an old gift bag to hold the ideas.

I thought I'd share our list of activities with you, and I'd appreciate if you would leave your own suggestions too!

(I duplicate some of the activities that they really like and/or things that are easy to do, low cost, good to do often, etc.)

Read a book
Play with Math blocks
Write in your journal
Play the Piano/keyboard
Read the Friend Magazine
Clean up the bedroom
Write a letter
Play hopscotch
Phone a friend
Play Candyland
Play Hi-Ho Cherry-O
Play Elefun
Play Ants in the Pants
Play Chutes and Ladders
Race in the backyard
Make treats to give away
Do some laundry (They love to put the clothes and soap into the washer and take clothes out of the dryer)
Dance to Bluebird’s favorite music
Dance to Rabbit's favorite music
Make Little Lamb laugh
Clean a bathroom (They each get a washcloth and a spray bottle filled with vinegar water and get to clean the bathtub while I clean the rest of the bathroom)
Weed the garden
Play baseball
Go to the slide
Go to the library
Go to the library park
Go to a new park
Jump rope
Sidewalk chalk
Play with Play-doh
Play in the sandbox
Paint fingernails
Blow bubbles
Play in the sprinkler
Play in the pool
Color in coloring books
Draw a picture
Paint a picture
Paint birdhouses
Make room art
Have a popsicle
Have an ice cream cone
Make pudding
Play Go Fish
Make popcorn and watch a movie
Play Red Light Green Light
Do something nice for a neighbor
Do something special for Daddy
Clean up the playroom
Make a card for your Primary teacher
Clean the garbage out of the car
Look at family photo albums
Do a science project from the science book
Prepare something for Family Home Evening
Do ten sit-ups
Touch your toes 25 times
Do 5 somersaults
Build a block tower
Look through Gospel Art Kit
Be firefighters (I draw flames on the sidewalk with chalk and they get to "put them out" with the garden hose)
Wash the sidewalk
Write letters
Do an art project from the art book
Be astronauts (We make helmets and have a big cardboard box to serve as a rocket and we collect "moon rocks")
Make a solar system
Go for a bike ride
Take babies for a walk
Invite a friend over to play
Plan a tea party
Go to the baseball park
Sing songs
Water plants
Make newspaper hats
Go on a treasure hunt
Play hide and seek
Play tag
Kick a ball in the backyard
Have a picnic
Go to the Art Museum in Springville
Rent a video
Trace our bodies on the sidewalk
Go for a walk and take pictures
Phone Granny
Phone Grandpapa
Phone Daddy
Phone a cousin
Phone Grandma and Grandpa
Phone Denise
Invite someone over for lunch
Make a treat for Daddy
Wash the car
Wash bikes
Sweep deck
Have a slumber party
Play letter games
Do a fire drill
Go on a scavenger hunt
Write a book
Plan an international dinner
Learn about something
Look at the map
Dress up like princesses, complete with hair and make-up

I have to have some activities prepared in advanced (treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, solar system, etc.), but sometimes I decide to not plan for them because part of the fun is in the planning and preparation.


  1. Wow, this is great! I'm going to steal some of your ideas.

  2. I thought of something I think we did when we were little. Make stamps out of potatoes (cut them in half and then cut in designs) and then decorate paper bags to use as wrapping paper. Or you could just use them to make pictures. Sounds like you have a lot of fun things to look forward to doing.

  3. I'm honored to be in the bag! There are some really awesome ideas in there-- besides calling me:)


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