Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Ever Blog Award!

Mrs. Mordecai has given me this blog award! (Sorry it's taken so long for me to post about it!)

I feel like I should give one of those horrendously annoying Oscar-recipient speeches or the like...ha ha.

Anyhow, I'd like to pass it along to:
1. koprime--I get so excited when she has a new post on her blog because they almost always make me laugh, or at least smile a bit. And she lives in DC, which I'm totally jealous of.
2. The Stevensons--mostly for the recent hullabaloo about the Tandoori Grill, which has made for some chuckle-filled reading for my husband.
3. Amy--her blog inspires me to be more involved with my children on a daily basis.
4. Eowyn--the blogosphere was created for the likes of her.
5. Jeanette--she's introduced me to so many books that I want to read, and it's nice knowing there's other souls out there with little ones who are squeezing in some reading on the side!

Rules for award:

Post the logo on your blog.
Add a link to the person who nominated you.
Nominate 5 other people for this award and add links to their blog.
Leave a message for the people that you nominated.

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  1. Thanks Mrs. Brooke! And thanks again for inspiring the title of my blog.


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