Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Compliment for Mr. Brooke

My visiting teacher came over tonight, so Mr. Brooke took the girls to the park in order to give us some peace during her visit. He was definitely busy as he galloped about the park pushing Bluebird on the swing and helping Rabbit climb up to the slide and steadying her as she slid down.

He noticed a young boy, about eight or nine years of age, shepherding three younger siblings. After about half an hour the young boy came up to Mr. Brooke and said, "I've never seen a dad love his daughters so much before." And then, after a quick pause, "No offense..." and then the boy ran back to his shepherding duties.


  1. Oh, my goodness. That just breaks my heart for that young man. Obviously he has not had the presence of a loving father in his life. That is a shame.

  2. I found your blog while I was looking for LDS bloggers. As I was reading through your posts this one touched and saddened me at the same. Tell your Michael, way to go.


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