Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

We do the commercial Easter stuff (baskets, bunny, eggs, etc.) on Saturday in order to preserve the sacred nature of the holiday on the Sabbath. Here's what the girls awoke to on Saturday morning:
They tore into the candy immediately and the only way we could pull them away from their baskets was to remind them of the city's Easter Egg Hunt and a promise to go through the Carl's Jr. drive-thru for breakfast.

I like to think that Little Lamb was excited to go. (She started smiling two weeks ago and this is the closest I've come in capturing it with the camera.)
Bluebird and Rabbit were very excited to go the Easter Egg Hunt...and it was so weird to need two strollers to transport our family around the park!

Bluebird won a special gift bag from the Chamber of Commerce!

Rabbit was simply happy to open her eggs and find candy.

We made our post-newborn church debut on Easter Sunday. I originally wasn't planning to go back until May, but I couldn't stand staying home anymore. And besides, the girls had matching Easter dresses and I couldn't wait until May for them to wear them:

I tried for a group shot of the girls, but this is as close as I could get.

It was so good to get back to church again, I've missed it so much. And Easter Sunday is always a wonderful day at church, even if it is your first time attending with three children. (Oddly enough, the three children thing went very smoothly...I even sang with the choir after the choir director hunted me down and thrust sheet music that I'd never seen into my hands and pleaded for me to sing...)

It takes a while to unload all the girls from the car, so by the time I walked through the door with Little Lamb, Bluebird and Rabbit had already gone in and taken off their shoes and it just made me smile to see their matching Easter footwear on the floor. I love having a bunch of little girls.


  1. Super cute photos! I'm glad you got to see your babies all matchy-matchy for Easter! We were all home sick, and the only thing making me seriously consider dragging all of us there ANYWAY was the idea of not seeing my kiddo in his darling Easter outfit! (The super scary part is that baby girl actually has a matching/coordinating outfit, even though she wasn't even here for Easter!) It looks like you all had a great weekend!

  2. What adorable girls you have! although, at the rate kids grow, if you had waited until May to take them to church in their matching dresses, the dresses might have been too small!

    ISE6 Secret pal


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