Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Crazy Lady Who Cries in the Car

Hi. Remember me, the lady who had a baby less than a month ago? In a move that only serves to prove my complete insanity, I have signed up for International Scarf Exchange 6, which is basically another Scarfapalooza-type deal. I have willingly signed up and committed to knitting a scarf by the end of the May for a complete stranger. Yes, it's a sickness. No, I don't know how to fix it.

Further proof of my craziness:
I couldn't help myself, I have to make a quilt for my brother's little boy. When I was pregnant with Rabbit and entertaining the idea that she might be a boy, I fell in love with the idea of a cowboy quilt. Obviously, I have had no need to make a cowboy quilt yet for my own offspring, but I walked into the quilt shop this afternoon and saw this fabric set and I just could not buy it fast enough. I also bought some pre-cut squares of an elegant flowery fabric collection with the intent to make a blanket for Little Lamb. Yes, it's a very bad sickness. No, I still haven't found a cure...nor do I really want to.

And yes, I cry in the car too. What in the world is up with the music world with all the songs about baby/little girls these days? Seriously, I look like a complete freak every time I drive my car and I start bawling. Apparently, Carrie Underwood has a new song out called "All American Girl," and I was crying within fifteen seconds of hearing it for the first time today. Yeesh. I don't want my girls to go away someday, I want to keep them with me forever! It's way too much to think about their eventual departure with whomever they choose to marry in the future...

...but then again, when they are gone to their own households I will have a whole lot more time to quilt and knit.

(I know, it's a bad sickness...)

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  1. I also love that song, it's so beautiful and true. You should check out her album that has that song on there, it's called "Carnival Ride", it's feeled with moving songs but also has some great upbeat ones. You should seriously check it out and God bless!!!


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