Friday, February 29, 2008

To Make Y'all Feel Better About Yourselves...

I've been getting some comments via email about how well I'm handling this transition to three children and how some of you think you could never do so well, which only makes me laugh.

So, to make you feel better, I give you the visual image of my eldest daughter sitting next to me at the kitchen table at 7:30pm, wolfing down a reheated pyrex dish of macaroni and cheese like it was the finest gourmet food in the world.

Keep that picture in your mind...

I thought I had things pretty together today. Little Lamb's been fed at the right intervals and I carried her around when she was awake while I did whatever it was I was doing (nothing particularly interesting today, sorry). Bluebird and Rabbit played well, I got them into the bath and even washed their hair and got them clothed in pajamas that were clean and folded and put away...I was rather pleased with myself.

And then I put them to bed with their lights and books and said good night. Blubird came out about twenty minutes later and said her stomach hurt because she was hungry...

Wait for it...

...I TOTALLY forgot to make dinner.

There ya go, feel better...the transition is going well, but not perfectly. :)


  1. That's two times today you've made me laugh!

  2. Oh no! If it makes you feel any better, I forgot about dinner the other day, and I only have ONE kid.

  3. That last comment was mine, by the way, not James'.


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