Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bluebird's Fourth Birthday

I stayed home with Rabbit while Mr. Brooke and Bluebird went out and about to pick up the last of the party these gigantic balloons. That's no optical illusion there, and it has nothing to do with distance perspective--those balloons are almost as big as Bluebird.

Here's another shot of them, right next to Rabbit. I could not believe the size of those things. Mr. Brooke seemed pleased to have found such a novelty for his little girl.

The lighting at the gymnastics gym is horrible, but here's some shots of my girls having fun:

And then, while I was sitting and talking with the other mamas, Rabbit came over to me and threw up all down the front of me. Lovely. We exited quickly to the bathroom to finish up the bout of sickness, and seeing how she was clad only in a diaper afterwards and I was completely soaked and smelling of virus, made the decision to go home and leave Mr. Brooke to tend to the remainder of the party. (And yes, I'm worrying and chewing my fingernails over whether or not we passed this on to the guests...)

And I got lucky that Bluebird's gymnastics teacher assumed I wanted someone to take over and take a picture of her with the cake:
I think she had fun. Four years old. Goodness me.

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