Friday, January 11, 2008

Seven Random Things

Mrs. Mordecai tagged me for this meme, which is so cool to me because I do not know Mrs. Mordecai in "real life." It's cool to start making cyber friends! (Don't worry, "real life" friends, I still love you just as much...but you understand what I'm saying, right?)

So, seven random things about me...I don't know if there's anything left to share about myself that I haven't already shared at some point with you folks, but here's a go:

  1. I couldn't tell time until I was in the fourth grade. (Why do I share these things with you?)

  2. I'm allergic to dust mites, grass and birch pollen.

  3. Lunch annoys me. I wish it didn't exist. You get going in such a good groove during the morning and then you have to stop everything to make a meal that is so obligatory in nature that most people don't even have a plan for it. It's really just a midday break where you eat leftovers from the fridge...and that's just really irritating to me.

  4. I think snow is the most beautiful silence in the world.

  5. I want to own sheep someday. Or a yarn shop. Perhaps both. Or I could run a roadside stand on the highway by my house. I could make signs that said things like "Yarn 5 Miles Ahead" and "Freshly Sheared Wool 1.2 miles ahead."

  6. I crack up laughing every time I see someone running to make the crosswalk signal and then it turns to the red hand and they can't cross. I don't know why I find it so funny...I think that makes me a mean person?
  7. I grew up in rather poor financial circumstances and had this vision that I would have "made it" the day I could afford to buy caramel syrup, canned name-brand whipped cream and ready-made Orange Peach Mango juice in one grocery shopping trip without having to skimp on something else. (We officially "made it" during this last autumn.)

I'd like to tag (if you want to play):
Oh my goodness, I have more friends than spots open for tagging! Please take no offense if I don't choose you:
(I only picked one of the Stevensons because two links to the same blog...yeah. And Stephanie hasn't updated her blog in a while, so I'm not going to throw away a tag! Hee hee!)


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