Monday, January 14, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Rabbit has succumbed to the puking virus as of 1am this morning. Since Mr. Brooke has his HUGE international work meeting today, I sacrificed sleep and took care of her throughout the night so he could get as much sleep as possible. Hopefully his 1.5 hour (solo) presentation went well.

I took stock of the situation this morning--I wore myself out running errands on Friday and then Bluebird got sick on Saturday, so there has been no re-stocking of groceries and I knew that we'd be quarantined through Wednesday, so I phoned Denise and said, "I need help!" I emailed a little grocery list to her and she picked it all up and dropped it off here. What am I going to do when they move to Washington? She also brought the girls some stickers and me the pretty flowers, which have so brightened the mood around here.

We're not dirty people. I clean our house. Honestly, I do. How are we continually getting kicked around by all this sickness? I don't know what else to do!

I think I'll go smell my flowers...


  1. We had the puking bug earlier this week, although only the small one actually puked. I know for a fact that we got it at nursery, and I also knew exactly who's kid brought it to nursery last Sunday. I was just getting madder than mad at this particular person until I learned that last Sunday this kid came to church with another family while her mom was in the hospital having emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Oops. I kind of felt like a loser for freaking out about barf after that.
    Anyway, on the upside, the bug seemed relatively short lived at our house...may it be the same for you!

  2. You are now blog-arific again! Man, life's messes are never ending huh? Well talk to you later.


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