Thursday, January 10, 2008

Follow-up on the To-Do List

I have to post my progress, for my own sanity. Mr. Brooke is busy with some upcoming presentation at work and is too pre-occupied to notice the glorious things that have unfolded in the past few days.

And I'm tired and don't want to do much more than sit for a while. Blogging lets me feel like something is getting done even though I'm not moving.

  1. The laundry is so caught up. I'm washing the dog's bedding as we speak. That's amazing. Everything is folded and put away, except for one "miscellaneous basket" of stuff that got washed last. (You know, that last load of laundry that includes all the stuff the just didn't make it into the loads they were supposed to be washed with, so you just throw them all in together in the delicate cycle with cold water.)
  2. Carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow.
  3. Shopping trip planned for Saturday for beanie accessories.
  4. Shopping trip planned for Saturday for quilt materials.
  5. All newborn clothing is washed, but not folded. Swing has been hauled out of storage and awaits cleaning, alongside infant carseat. Bassinet also located and placed in accessible location.
  6. Date set to organize office.
  7. Baby announcements...uh, yeah. I can't decide just yet, there's too many good ones. It will be a fun activity to do while recuperating.
  8. I plan to buy all cards tomorrow. Perhaps any gift-type item I'll just order online as the occasion arises. That's also easy to do while recuperating and somewhat fun.
  9. I plan to buy diapers and nursing pads tomorrow and have written down a reminder to continue the trend with each subsequent paycheck.
  10. I'm wavering on the changing table. It's serviceable as is, perhaps I'll just clean it up and leave it at that. However, I did schedule a Saturday to work on it should I decide to re-paint it. We'll see...
  11. I already addressed the nursing pad issue. And I've got a good idea where other nursing paraphenalia is located in my house.
  12. The list has a day to be completed by. Hee hee.
  13. I purchased a pair of nursing pajamas last night. They're more cute than pretty...where are the pretty nursing pajamas? That cost less than $80? And have sleeves? And cover your knees? Seriously, post-partum is so not the time that I feel like dressing all seductive-like. But I'd still like to be pretty. The only choices in nursing pajamas are frumpy or sexy, neither of which I want to look like (because I don't feel either way) after giving birth.
  14. Haircut, eyebrow wax and pedicure scheduled for this Saturday. And I think I'll schedule them again for six weeks into the future. Because I could still be pregnant then.
  15. Pre-admittance done. You can do it over the telephone. Genius.
  16. A Saturday has been scheduled to get the cars cleaned. We will then address the carseat issue.
  17. I have a semi-permanent place for the kids' books. It will do for now until I can really wrap my head around what's going on with the layout of the house. All the baby paraphernalia is likely to cause some upset around here. But, for now, there is a designated gathering spot for the books.
  18. We are going to buy party supplies tomorrow. And I've booked the gymnastics gym. And settled on a guest list. And know what the cake is going to look like.
  19. Rabbit's 18 month check-up is scheduled.
  20. Holly gets shots tomorrow.
  21. Follow-up doctor appointment scheduled for Mr. Brooke. And a dentist appointment. And a haircut. (I've even set aside time to take Bluebird in for a haircut. Perhaps, in all the pictures for her birthday and all the pictures that will inevitably be taken after Baby's arrival, we'll look like a well-groomed family.)
  22. I have successfully resisted all urges to curl up into a ball to die. I do not, as a rule, resist the urges to curl up under a blanket and take a nap. I figure it's a justifiable compromise.
  23. I've realized that I need to take down the rest of the Christmas decorations. I have planned to do this on Monday. (I think I'll just immediately switch to the spring decorations instead of keeping up all the wintery stuff. One less thing to do with a newborn about.)
  24. I also packed up the girls' clothes that they've outgrown in the past while.
  25. Denise volunteered to mop my kitchen and dining room floors. She also volunteered to do anything on this list that I wanted her to do, within reason.
  26. I'm thinking that I should draw up a little list for whomever may be called upon to help out with my pre-existing children throughout the ordeal. Things like food they like, how they like things particularly done, bedtime routine, etc. Who knows if the caretaker would heed my advice, but it's worth a shot, right?
  27. Perhaps I should line up someone to watch my kids while I'm having this usual choice will be in Hawaii.

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  1. I love your list--I'm already formulating my own and my due date is still 15 weeks away! Where did you end up buying nursing jammies? I covet Majamas and the like online regularly, but can't justify the price.


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