Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 Started Like This...

Last January we got rear-ended on the freeway; which set off a nasty chain of events which included my infamous emergency gall bladder surgery.

Mr. Brooke called me on his way home from work this evening and while we were conversing he was involved in a three car accident on the freeway. *sigh* No injuries, thank goodness.

You can only guess what I'm thinking might happen next, given last year's turn of events.

UPDATE, 2 hours after the accident: The highway patrolman who was working with Mr. Brooke and his accident friends got called away on a high speed chase (which started out as 100mph on Spanish Fork's Main is that even possible?!?!), so they're sitting in the Burger King parking lot waiting for a new highway patrolman to come help them get all the paperwork sorted out.

UPDATE #2, 3.5 hours after the accident: He's home, it was his fault and I don't care.

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